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Sunday, July 25th, 2010
9:11 pm
Combating Manipulative Use of Psychic Ability from Others
My ex is psychically gifted (I am to a lesser extent), and I feel he's using his gift as leverage to get me to interact.

I've had years of really severe, discouraging health problems and I've been doing everything possible for recovery. He started sending me messages with accurate psychic perceptions, then implied we should talk in person because he was having "bad predictions."

I finally agreed to meet up and he simply said "You're never going to get better." It was later implied that this doom is partially due to me giving up the chance to be taken care of in the relationship. He has a lot of resentment over the breakup.

Clearly there is some self-interested manipulation/revenge going on. But it's a very sensitive subject so it affects me energetically. My intuition and emotions are at odds. I'm fairly sure he was just manipulating me, but I struggle to keep up hope when it comes to my health as it is. I just can't believe someone would combine a psychic gift with a power play. I use intuition ONLY for good and would never let a personal agenda change that!

How can I energetically cleanse those awful "predictions?" I still have a nagging "What if he's right..." feeling.

Thursday, June 24th, 2010
9:07 pm
When a situation is too close to read...
Many of us probably have certain situations we are too emotionally/mentally invested in to clearly "read" for ourselves. I'm currently wondering which out of two people is the best energetic match in my personal life.

Would anyone be willing to take a look at a few photos and give me your impressions? Not a regular reading, or anything extensive...just vibes...instincts...

I'd be more than happy to return the favor with an intuitive helping hand anytime!
Friday, April 9th, 2010
11:20 pm
medication and readings
I'm going to a new age/psychic expo this weekend and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if certain medications can affect readings or healings or things like that.  I've never thought to ask before I've gone in the past, but I figured I'd might as well ask before I go again.  Every morning I usually take allergy meds and use my inhaler, but I also take Adderall XR and Wellbutrin XL.  I'd think the latter might cause issues since they have to do with the brain, plus the inhaler and Adderall XR both speed up my heart rate (and I usually have some kind of caffeine in the morning, too).  I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post the question, but I didn't really know where else to go except for LJ communities.  Thank you all in advance!
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009
1:05 pm
Have you ever. . .

Last week, my mom, boyfriend and I went to see a psychic. I was house sitting for my father and I had noticed that there was a new psychic down the street, so we all decided to try it out. She said she did everything from palm reading to Tarot Reading to Chakra and Spirit readings. I had a palm reading before at the corn festival, and the reader was very accurate with my read so I thought I would try it again to see where my lines had shifted and changed.

The first thing that really made we not feel right about the psychic we saw last week is that she was pushing Christianity and church in her reading. I grew up Christian, I even went to a Catholic junior high school, and I was told growing up that everything I was doing such as Tarot, and palm reading was against the Christian church. However I have had issues with the Christian church, and I have been seeking my own spirituality now including mu curiousity with Tarot,, palm reading, mediations, and pyschic ablibilty.

The second thing is she had told each one of us that we had spirits following us. Here's the thing with as many people that have died in this world I could easily see how you can run into a restless spirit or two. However she was claiming that it was the reason for a bad luck. She told me that this spirit that was following me was the real reason why I am distracted from writing my story and why I am so unhappy most of the time. The thing is ever since puberty I would have moments of unhappiness, I just believe it is hormones, not necessarily a spirit.

The third thing that really rubs me the wrong way about this psychic is she was pushing all of us getting cleansings. I understand that cleansing are very important, but I just paid 20 dollars for a reading that maybe she could tell me something about me that I didn't know or what possiblities there in my future with my writings. I wasn't looking at her like a doctor at a check up and I have to go back every three months for a 100 dollar cleansing. She was trying to get at least 100 dollars out of each of us. I understand some people make a living using their psychic gifts, but I really felt she was just too pushy with it.

I was just wondering has anyone else has a bad experience with a psychic?

Current Mood: confused
Thursday, September 17th, 2009
4:12 pm
Intro post
Hi all! :)

I've just joined this comm. I've been on LJ around 5 years now and ONLY JUST discovered this unique gem! I'm empathic and have vivid dreams. I use the tarot and oracle cards as well. :)

10:24 am
Want A Psychic Reading?

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Well guess what...? I can tell you!

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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
9:13 pm
questions concerning precognition, spirits, empathy, etc.
 First of all, hello :)
 I am slightly confused, looking for some insight and opinions.
 I think that some of you may have knowledge that can assist me. 

I'm young, only close to sixteen years old.
I have always felt "different" from others, even when I was a child.
I used to have imaginary friends, which I now know were really spirits that I was sensing. 
I have a way of "knowing" things about people, places, that I haven't been told.
I've had what I now know to be called a spirit guide, since about a year ago
I believe I have some precognition, because I often have déja vu or strong 'feelings' about things that I go by.
I cannot be in crowds too long, they make me extremely anxious and tired. I believe this is because of their emotions that I'm sensing.
I often have visions, usually related to a person's relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend. I have not been wrong about one. 
I had a few visions of my current boyfriend before I met him. I believe he is my soul mate, he can help ease the pain of all my abilities. 

Recently, someone I knew as barely an acquaintance, contacted me because he believed that I was a natural. After he'd explained this to me he had a strange dream in which evil spirits told him to cease speaking to me because they believed I was a threat to them, and he was helping me. He said that in many cases when conversing with spirits he has overheard them speaking about me, and he thinks that I have very powerful talent.

This friend started helping me control my gifts, explain things about them to me. We discovered that I'm very limited because of a huge "wall" that can block my gift at times.
I had a vision that this block was originally put in place by a family member from my past, perhaps the woman who the gift originally derived from. I wonder if she was doing this to protect me, or if  she wants to keep my abilities from being used. 

I am seeking advice about the following:
-How do I control my gifts properly?
-is there a way to break these limits set in place by the wall?
-can someone give me more information about empathy, precognition, and spirits?
-has anyone heard about a spirit war? 
-also, my spirit guide disappeared.. is there any way to retrieve him?
-help with discovering past lives.
-do soul mates have accompanying gifts? is there a way of  finding out more about him in a past life?
-what 'name' would you put on my gift? I'm confused about terminology

thank you very much, and have a great day. I appreciate any help that you can give me

Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
8:20 pm
need some help...
I am new to this community but far from new to being psychic. I need some help. I was hoping someone would read my cards, or give me a reading out of the kindness of their heart. My own readings have not been clear, I'm not very clear on my own life if you know what I mean. I'd be glad to return the kindness. Message me on aim at animalcrackers6. Thanks so much...
Sunday, July 20th, 2008
2:54 pm
The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment
Hi all,

The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment is my first book and will be out next year.

Check out my website to learn more about it! http://web.mac.com/alicegrist

The book covers a variety of topics wicca, shamanism, buddhism, reiki - loadsa stuff.

Thanks for looking. Alice x
Saturday, July 12th, 2008
4:36 pm
Hello, I just joined this community because I have many questions about myself, and my experiences.
I've had several dreams and premonitions, but most deja vu kind of things. I can sense spirits (not constantly though, just every now and then) and I can tell whether the spirit is male or female, but not names or anything like that. My dad also get premonitions. My mother has seen spirit entities all her life and she's always having dreams and premonitions that are very accurate. Whenever my mother and I get together, a lot of spirit activity starts happening, especially if my mom and I fight (doesn't happen often, thank goodness), it really seems to agitate the spirits. We also seem to have a psychic connection even though we're in completely different states.

I was hoping someone here can help me figure out if everything is just a coincidence, imagination, or if I may have some sort of gift, and if there is a way for me to strengthen it. Feel free to ask me questions to help me find the answer!

Current Mood: contemplative
11:22 pm
July 18th full moon blessing/cleansing
 I am going to do another full moon cleansing/blessing ritual on the 18th of JULY 2008..  

The last month brought such a great response (over 50 people who wanted some positive light)  that I have decided to continue on with this idea..

If you would like some positive energy sent your way please reply back to this thread via a comment and I assure you I will write your name down and focus my energy that night for you..

You are also, more than welcome to join me in this ritual this night by simultaneously joining in and doing your own ritual at home.. (the invocation can be found on my LJ homepage if you wish to use it)  

We all need positive energy in our lives. =) BELIEVE IN KARMA.

Blessed be friends.
Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
7:56 pm
=) and mote it be!! (about june full moon blessing)

I really enjoyed this experience with you all!  i feel very empowered and i hope you will have positive energy flowing through you soon!!

for all that wanted to be involved and help out ..thank you! you know who you are.. and like i said, a simultaneous energy flow does not harm anyone but is better for all..

for all that have wanted their name put down for the blessing.. i did not forget you!! i promise you this =) i had written eveyone who wanted to be written down and others also that they wanted positive energy too as well.. it was a FANTASTIC RESPONSE and i applaude everyone for pushing this energy forward to people.. yes.. believe in karma.. =)

i propose we do this ritual MONTHLY =) what do you all suggest??  i'll keep everyone posted (always a month in advance) so that there is time to gather names.. 


Blessings friends..
Saturday, June 7th, 2008
5:04 pm
how do you get rid of someone elses energy?
 I'm not sure if I am the only one who experiences this.. maybe because my clairsentient ability is quite high, im not sure..

When I am talking to someone and or consulting with them I can easilty tune in to what they are feeling and react according to it.  

I'm only asking because I had a person who I was reading for yesterday who was very very emotionally upset-
 to the point of being angry and mad at her situation and just couldn't see the clairity that I was trying to offer her..

It was so hard for me to get rid of her energy link after the reading, that had to take a breather -literally- outside, to get in touch with natures natural positive energy and balance myself once again.

So here is the discussion question to which I am posting now.

 Q:   How do you as an empath get rido of the psychic link after the session is complete?
Thursday, June 5th, 2008
6:51 pm
June 18th 2008 cleansing/ blessing healing last update!
Hi there,

Just want to write a final general post to anyone else who is interested in having a cleansing/ blessing and healing for them and others they have named.

My first initial posting about this was close to a month ago and I feel blessed by the amount of people whe had replied and asked to have their name written down.  Thank you once again for accepting the positive energy i am sending out into the world and know that I will focus all my naural talents and abilities on your name when the time comes.

If anyone else is interesting for me to send positive energy out your way, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

What a beautiful night it will be when the ritual is performed! 

Blessed be
Friday, May 30th, 2008
8:33 pm
about my guardian angel.

I asked to see my Guardian Angel the other night and this is what he looks like:

My Guardian Angel is a male.  

He is strong and powerful with broad sholders.  

He has brown middle length wavy hair and he come down to visit me when I ask for protection surrounded with an aura of bright white light.  

He scoops me up in his arms (I feel the warmth and protection that surrounds him) and we shoot up nito the sky fast-flying.   

He lets me feel free flying around with him and all my worries and doubts pass through my body as they get carried away by the wind.

Once I am calm, he gently me back to our meeting place.

We bow to each other to show respect and part with positive unconditional love until we see each other again.

That is what my Guardian Angel looks like.

Sunday, May 25th, 2008
10:19 pm
ahhh magick.

Today I was thinking about getting myself a crystal ball.

I was in the lounge area looking for a deck of cards to practice my meditation and abilities on when behold! right in front of me was a crystal ball.

And it wasn't a clear crystal ball, but rather has a purple colour haze around it.  Once i started staring into it the colour changed which was great.  I also noticed a vision (my first) within the crystal. (i'm so happy to know that i have a natural ability in seeing clearly as well, fancy that)

Purple is my favourite colour anyway and it so happens to be a fantastic psychic healing colour.  I was very happy with the higher beings - ask and you shall receive. Mote it be!

Saturday, May 24th, 2008
6:21 pm
my abilities are getting stronger

my abilities are getting stronger as i tune in to my soul more deeply than before.  

I see things and feel things and hear things more.

sometimes it might be for a split second other times i sense my guides around.

it is comforting to know that i am being protected and looked after.

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
5:14 pm
A quick blessing for the moonchild of the night.
 May I be guided, by my higher powers, may I be healed and blessed by all.
May I be able to hear the miusic, may I be able to hear the call.

Blessed is the one who follows the rule of the light,
The moon is called upon us all, blessed be the one tonight.
Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
12:56 pm
Review a book by a popular medium
Hey Bloggers,
I am working right now to promote a book, Soul Discovery: 9 Principles for Revealing Your Sacred Gifts. Author Joan Marie invites people to “dance with their soul,” and change lives as she awakens her readers to their true life’s purpose and their soul’s sacred gifts. She has an incredible gift for what she calls “ability to feel what is going on in other people’s bodies as well as hear, see and feel those who have passed over.” With this gift, she has brought mental and physical healing to many grateful people.
She is a very popular medium and has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows across the country, like the Whoopi Goldberg Show. Whoopi Goldberg has even endorsed her book, saying “Sometimes, people are just born with "it". They can hear your voice and be able to tell you all about yourself. Joan Marie seems to be able to tap into that thing that makes us all human. I've been around her; I've seen her do her thing”.
If you would like to learn more about heightening and developing your intuition and how Joan Marie utilizes the Law of Attraction, email me at chelseasterling@gmail.com to review the book on your blog. After you review the book, you will receive a free teleseminar with Joan Marie and get an opportunity to get personal advice.

Have a great day!
7:24 pm
Full Moon (June 18th 2008) Spiritual Blessing
 Hi All,

I have decided to conduct Spiritual Cleansing and Blessings not only for my benifit but for yours too.  

Sometimes, I need to call on a higher power to guide and protect me in my life and I thought that I might share this exerience with whoever would like to be involved.

I am conducting a Spiritual cleansing and blessing on the night of the Full Moon.  If you would like to me to focus my energy on you during my session please comment back.  
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